check out the videos below for the action!!
check out the videos below for the action!!

Fighting Chance BJJ/Team Roberto Traven

Sharing the art of Brazilian Jiu~Jitsu in the

Jacksonville/St. Augustine/Ponte Vedra area

To order your Roberto Traven Signature Gi....go to the website below!


Come check out our facility.

over 1400sq ft of mat space and an Octagon! 

Located at:

110 Cumberland Pk Dr #102

St. Augustine, FL 32095

1/2mile east of I95 on CR210


You can reach us at 904-810-1051 and at


Fighting Chance BJJ's Kids Jiu~Jitsu Class will make a shy kid shine!  They will be team leaders in a matter of months - We can prove it!


Jiu~Jitsu GI....$95.00

Jiu~Jitsu Classes....$99.00

Self Confidence....PRICELESS


What is your childs future worth?

Check out the VJJ Store
Check out the VJJ Store

Interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Try two classes for free.  Just drop by and ask, or contact us HERE.



Mr. Kevin, Mrs. Christy and Mr. Julian,


I just wanted to again take the time to thank you all for running such a wonderful program and the time you take with each student.

Liam couldn’t wait to tell his mom about his new belt. Her and I talked about the improvements he has made over the past few months, while we know the teacher and us have been factors in helping him we feel that BJJ has helped the most. I know in speaking with Mr. Kevin on Friday we all see the improvements in the gym that Liam has displayed but we wanted to share with you all the strides he has made at school. His focus and discipline in the classroom has been growing during this time as well, especially since returning from the winter break he has not had day with anything below satisfactory, with several excellents. In all honesty I think that martial arts plays a factor in this but more importantly I believe the extra care and time you all take with each of the students and making it fun goes a long way into making the experience and having a true effect on them. We just wanted to again sincerely thank you for the positive impact you have had in Liam’s life. See you all next class, take care.


Michael Shurgalla


When I signed up for a membership at FCF I thought I was getting just that a membership. Since then it has turned into much more than that. I have gained so much knowledge and a great friendship,and I have lost 100 lbs. I owe my FCF family about 10 years of my life according to the doc. Thank you all who have helped me on this journey its been life changing.


Charlie D.